Best Massage Chair Reviews 2015

We live in a society where there’s no time anymore to relax. However taking a break sometimes is important and certainly in our fast paced society. Otherwise before you know it you’ll have a burnout or other health problems like stress.

So how can you relax? One of the most popular ways is getting a massage. It will help you to relief body pains and as mentioned above it will help you with other health problems like stress.

You can get a massage at a spa or at home by a professional massage therapist. However they ask a fee each time and you will really feel these recurring costs in your pocket. Therefore a massage chair is a very good alternative. You will spare time and money with a massage chair. It’s a one-time cost and thus more affordable in the long run and it has the same (or even more) benefits than a massage therapist.

Sometimes it can be quite daunting to find the massage chair that best fits you. There are so many features on each chair that it becomes quite unclear for any normal person. You’ll need a professional to explain you in detail every feature and benefit of each chair to make a decent buying decision. You can’t expect them to give this explanation for every chair and often there is no such professional around. So to make your life easier we prepared a comprehensive massage chair comparison chart. This way you can compare features and prices so you can find the chair that best fits your budget and needs.

Below the comparison chart you will find a detailed description of every massage chair depicted so you can take a look at them in detail before making a buying decision.

We all work hard, so we all deserve to relax at the end of the day. You can get the best relaxation by sitting in a comfortable massage chair at home that does all the hard work a massage therapist would do. Not only just for relaxing purposes but also for some nasty muscle pains a massage chair is the best option. No more back pains day after day. All you complaints will be gone by getting a massage chair in house. You can even choose one that performs a whole body massage. We’ve only gathered the best quality massage chairs that have been tested repeatedly by a lot of happy customers. We also looked at buyer reviews before making our final top 10 of the best massage chairs in the world.

The 10 best massage chairs

There are a lot of electric massage chairs in the world today which doesn’t make it easier to buy one. We have gathered a lot of massaging chair and compared them one by one on price, features and buyer ratings to narrow our enormous list down to a top 10 of high quality massage chairs.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

This advanced piece of technology will bring you in seventh heaven according to its very high consumer ratings. It uses the same movements as skilled shiatsu massage therapists use in their profession. This chair has patented technology that makes a gentle figure-8 motion in the same way as with a hands-on shiatsu massage. You won’t feel any difference in quality of massage between this chair or a trained shiatsu massage professional.

With this chair you have the ability to choose from 8 different massage programs and there are also special massage programs for morning, nighttime and when you need to stretch after a workout. So there’s something for everyone. Besides these standard massage programs there’s also the possibility to customize your own program so it would even better suit your needs.

This massage recliner will massage 1200 square inches of the human body which is more than any normal recliner. Young and old, this chair is for persons of any age. It provides standard programs for massaging different body parts such as thighs, hips, calves, neck, feet arm and most importantly also back.

There is even a special program for youngsters so that even young people can enjoy the features of the Inada Dreamwave massage chair.

So how does it work? First of all make sure to plug it in. It is an electric massage chair so it needs power. Upon starting and sitting in the chair the chair will start to scan your body. It will try to find your pressure points and once it’s ready it will commence with a customized massage for 1 of 106 different body types.

All this sounds expensive and to be honest it is. But would you rather spend a lot of money on something that doesn’t work as well? Many people have gone before you and bought this massage chair without having any regrets. It’s certainly worth the money. It’s one of the most expensive, but also the best value massage chair you can buy. Without a doubt your back pain and any other discomforts will be gone. As an extra bonus it is available in many colors including black, red, soft and dark brown.

Full Body Shiatsu Chair Recliner Bed EC-69

Looking for a chair that is a bit less expensive? Then the Full Body Shiatsu Massage chair EC-69 might be good alternative. It provides the latest in robotic technologies to provide a qualitative massage for total relaxation.

It also has the possibility to be transformed into a massage recliner bed. This way you can enjoy a full massage as it is intended to.

What are the features? There are different settings available such as kneading, rolling, compression, percussion and some other.

It delivers a full body massage as promised with the integrated power rollers. It definitely helps people with muscle stress and with the dilation of blood vessels. Another advantage is that it has the ability to heaten the lumbar and neck region with the built-in heating system.

This electric massage chair is very user-friendly and you’ll have it up and running in no time.

How does it look? Great. That’s just one word to describe how it looks. It fits extremely well in any environment thanks to slick design. You have the option to order it in any of these 3 colors:: black, burgundy and brown.

Looking a for a budget friendly massage chair will give you definitely heavenly relaxation? Then this is the one for you. Do you need some other fancy features and options than it might be better to look at some other models in a higher price range.

Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu

One of the other best massage chairs that we reviewed. The Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu massaging chair has received overall a very high score by customers. It does not only foresee in massageing sessions but it can also heat your sore muscles or pain spots.

It is an electric powerd massaging chair that give a full body massage to anyone sitting in it. It is equipped with 69 airbags that delivers ultimate relaxation. However it is a machine with airbags but there aren’t any risks in using the machine. The massaging sessions focus particularly on the lower body. So for runners or people who walk regularly this chair is the ideal companion. You can even listen to music while it massages you on the same rhythm. The speed and intensity will very based on the music.

There are 5 different massage methods you can choose from: kneading, flapping, flapping and kneading, vibrating and knocking and shiatsu. There are also 6 pre-programmed methods to choose from such as relax, health care, awake, fatigue and physical therapy. There is something for everyone.

As with most other best massage chairs it begins with a bodyscan. It scans the outline and shape of your upper body and shoulders and customizes the massage based on this data. This chair is also a recliner which means you can lay down while being massaged. Some other cool options are the arm massage and the thermal massage which helps against sore muscles by penetrating deeper into your body.

Human Touch iJoy-2580

Another well-made massage chair that feels very comfortable is the iJoy-2580. It’s not as expensive as others. It uses the prioprietary technology Human Touch massage. It reliefs tension, pain, fatique, stress and it helps with blood circulation. It uses the same movements as back and spinal professionals use during therapy.

It offers 3 massage programs:

  • Relieve your neck and shoulders during a 15 minute massage of the upper back.
  • Release your lower back with a 15 minute intense massage of the lower back.
  • Refresh you back with a 15 minute massage of the entire back. .

This robotic massage chair uses power rollers but you can’t tell the difference between these robotic rollers and a real human hand. It has different methods available such as:
Kneading: It makes a circular motion to stretch and lift the muscles.
Rolling: The rolling motions help the lower back.
Compression: This rocking motion gets to the muscles that lay deep.
Percussion: This tapping helps release muscle cramps.

There is the option to customize your program by using the built-in interface. As most of the best massage chairs we reviewed it is a recliner. This means you can put it in the ideal position for you so you can be comfortable while laying down.

You have 2 beautiful color options to choose from: black and espresso. If you’re looking for one of the best affordable massage chairs then this one should be on your buying list.

Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity

Another well-built massage chair is the Osaki OS-4000. It has a robust construction en performs really well. It is made of synthetic leather (to be honest you don’t see the difference with real leather) and has a sleek design. An extremely cool feature is zero gravity. This chair has zero gravitiy positions which will allow you to put yourself in the best position for stress relief. It’s the same position that astronauts use during liftoff. It distributes the pressure across your body. There are both zero gravity chairs and zero gravity massage chairs. The first one isn’t a massage chair, but the second one is. It is said that it makes a massage a more relaxing experience while being in this position and that you’ll feel virtually weightless.

As with most electric massage chairs it starts by scanning the body. Based on this it will modify the massage program so it better suits your body. This massage recliner has a focus on the upper body and mainly on neck, shoulders and the lumbar region.

There are 6 preconfigured programs available to choose from:

You can also choose your preferred massage style:

Next to the massage programs and styles this chair also lets you adjust the speed (5 levels) and intensity. So you’re in full control of this massage chair.

This zero gravity chair comes with 32 airbags that will give you a full body massage without missing any part of the body. But if that isn’t enough yet this chair can also massage your lower back by using heat, relief your pains by using air as massaging therapy or vibrate all the pain out of your body.

Choosing The Best Massage Chair For Your Needs

First of all you have to decide if a massage chair is something you really want and need. Once you know that you want one it’s time to compare different models against each other. Making a choice about which chair to buy is something that can be difficult due to the large number of brands and models.

We have gathered a bunch of tips to help you make the right decision. It’s important that you don’t buy the wrong chair as these massage chairs are quite expensive compared to normal chairs. So let’s start off with some things you should think about before buying one of these massage chairs:

1. What are your most important needs

Everyone has certain needs. This isn’t different in this case. Do you need a robotic chair for health reasons or to relax after a long day of hard work? Maybe you just want one because you saw it at a friend’s house and it looked cool?

Make sure you write down the reason(s) why you need an electric massage chair. It’s quite a big investment so you want to make sure that it can fulfill your needs. Also when writing these down put them in order of priority.

Maybe design is another important aspect for you or maybe you’re solely interested in features and functions. As you can see there’s a lot to think about.

Pick a budget.

Another thing that you should think about before buying a massage chair is how much you’re willing to spend on it. One thing to note is that they don’t come cheap. It’s best to set a price range so you can narrow the list of available massage chairs down. You’ll see that certain massage chair brands are more on the high price end while others tend to be more on the low price end.

Our top 10 contains chairs with the best features. This means that most of them are on the high end regarding prices. However the most expensive massage chair isn’t always the best one. You’ll have to check all the features in comparison to the price and if these extra options are worth it.

You can find massage chairs for a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of 1000 dollars. So this is a quite wide price range. If you don’t need all those features you might be better off buying a cheaper one that only supports the options you really need.

Everything Summed Up

Massage therapy is something that was already performed in ancient times. Nowadays it is still performed by skilled professionals. However machines are quickly catching up. Technology has evolved so far that with the best massage chairs you practically can’t even feel the difference anymore between human hands or a machine. This means you have your personal massage therapist at home that can give you a high quality massage any moment you like.

For people who frequently visit a massage therapist or a spa for a relaxing massage experience costs can add up quickly. A massage chair can be a lot cheaper in the long run. Therefore it’s important to buy a durable one that lasts long. It will save you money for sure if you’re a regular visitor of a massage center or spa. The other advantage is that you can do it in the privacy of your home. And for those people who don’t like to be touched by other people it’s a solution. Finally they can also get a magnificent massage without feeling uncomfortable.

Massage chairs can really help your health by pain, stress and muscle tension. Technology hasn’t stood still and today you can have a massage customized to your needs. You can choose the intensity, the style and even the part of the body the massage should work on. With all these features and options choosing the best massage chair for your needs has become complicated. But we hope that with our thorough guide and detailed massage chairs reviews we can help you find the massage chair model that you desire while still being in your price class.

The list of best massage chairs above combines the best value, price and features. All of them are extremely popular and already bought and reviewed by many satisfied customers.